Fireboy And Watergirl

Fireboy Watergirl Game HTML5

Fireboy and Watergirl is a fun game for two players. Can you operate two characters at once? Get this odd couple to the exit while collecting diamonds. Controlling Fireboy and Watergirl separately, help them work as a team to solve the the ultimate mystery of the Crystal Temple. Fireboy must avoid the water and Watergirl must avoid the hot lava. Naturally, both Fireboy and Watergirl have special talents you'll need to use to solve the puzzles. Activate buttons and levers to move platforms, push boxes and roll balls, collect all the diamonds and get each character to his door!
Fireboy and Watergirl are back in their latest mind-bending puzzle adventure! In a brand new twist, use portals to jump from one place to the other. Don't forget to collect all the diamonds in each level - red, blue and gray. This is a game that you can play on your own or with a friend (on the same keyboard). Use the keyboard to move Fireboy and Watergirl through the maze and collect the diamonds on their way to the exits. The A,W,D keys move Watergirl and the arrow keys move Fireboy. Help Fireboy and Watergirl find the exit through the temple forest. Since fire and water don't mix, be sure to not let Fireboy go in the water lakes and don't let Watergirl go in the fire lakes...! And keep them both out of the green lakes. Arrows = Move Fireboy, WASD = Move Watergirl. Conquer levels of fire and ice in Fireboy and Watergirl. Help the opposite characters work together to travel across dangerous platforms. In the fun-addicting platform game series you have to lead both protagonists through the deep of the ancient temple to the exit door. Use portals, turn switches and help FireBoy to pick up all blue crystal clear stones and WaterGirl the red ones to progress. Much fun.